Aquaman (1962-1978) #23

Aquaman (1962-1978)
Issue #23
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Aquaman learns from an Atlantean doctor that Mera, who is about to deliver his child, will be doomed by a hereditary disease that runs in Aquaman’s family (as will the baby) if she does not receive an antidote made from an anemone root in the Gulf of Terrors, far from Atlantis. The Sea King and Aqualad complete a perilous odyssey to the gulf and get the antidote from an exiled criminal of Atlantis, Sinquo. Mera receives the antidote in time and safely bears their son, Arthur Curry Jr., alias “Aquababy.” However, Aquababy has been given strange powers by the serum, which threaten Atlantis. Aquaman opines that Sinquo added something to the serum that gave his son the out-of-control powers. The Atlanteans demand that Aquababy be taken away from the city, and Aquaman, Mera, Aqualad and Aquababy go into exile. But when the mutant Horrkas attack the family, Aquababy blasts them away, exhausting his powers in the process. Thus, Aquaman and his family are able to return to Atlantis.

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Page Count
26 Pages
Print Release Date
September 1 1965
Digital Release Date
October 25 2018
Age Rating
12+ Only